Screw type industrial chillers

  • Release time:2016-10-20
  • abst:Technical characteristics of screw type industrial chillers

     Technical characteristics of screw type industrial chillers

    1, the use of international advanced semi-closed 5: 6 asymmetric twin-screw compressor, motor, compression chamber integration, no shaft seal leakage;
    2, the compressor star - delta pressure to start, to avoid the impact on the grid;
    3, to achieve a multi-stage automatic control of cooling capacity adjustment
    4, the use of imported high-performance heat exchanger heat exchanger copper, heat transfer efficiency;
    5, with a liquid spray system can effectively reduce the compressor oil temperature, greatly improving the efficiency of the unit under low temperature conditions.
    6, imported PLC man-machine interface for the LCD touch screen, graphical display, easy to operate, in English optional. With the national standard RS485 communication interface, can be connected with the DCS system, and the entire plant-controlled network, easy remote control and monitoring.
    7, automatic detection of water temperature or return water temperature, by controlling the compressor capacity to adjust the slide valve, automatically adjust the cooling capacity of the unit, running more energy efficient.
    8, automatically record the first 20 fault alarm point to facilitate the timely maintenance and repair crew to determine.
    9, low noise, vibration, according to industry-standard design, suitable for 24-hour operation.
    10, the whole machine components and only screw bearings, maintenance costs are very low, long life.